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X Clean + Protect Sneaker Cleaner Exclusive Kit


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SKU: 106-101-00

  • The complete kit for cleaning and protecting shoes from stains and water
  • Effective on leather, patent leather, rubber, and synthetic fabrics and meshes
  • Great for getting Nike, Adidas, and New Balances looking fresh
  • Features the bamboo-scented, 99% vegetable-derived X Sneaker Cleaner and the Premium All-Purpose Boar Bristle Brush
  • Made and designed in California

 How To Get 'Em Clean





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-Bee Gees, "Stayin' Alive"

Looking your best oftentimes has you feeling your best. And when you're feeling your best, you may just want to bust a move. X Clean + Protect Sneaker Cleaner Exclusive Kit can get you looking your best and staying that way. (At least in the shoe department.) This comprehensive kit contains the goods you need to effectively clean and protect your shoe from stains:

Sneaker Cleaner with Ready-Foam Pump, Bamboo Scent (1)
Our bread-and-butter sneaker cleaner, this cleaning solution gets shoes looking like the day you got 'em. A blend of natural ingredients comprise our environmentally-conscious formula, and a clean and fresh bamboo scent is the cherry on top. Includes a Ready-Foam pump for convenient, waterless cleaning.

Water & Stain Repellant (1)
"Defense wins championships." After cleaning your kicks, protect your sneakers from further soiling with this effective protectant. Safe to use on synthetic uppers, yet effective against the elements.

All-Purpose Boar Bristle Sneaker Brush (1)
Firm enough to expel dirt yet gentle to keep your shoes unscathed, this brush will be your go-to tool for every sneaker cleaning. Its wide, ergonomic handle feels wonderful in your palm. Made with a maple handle and 100% boar bristles.

Midsole Boar-Mix Bristle Sneaker Brush (1)
A firm brush for removing stubborn dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the midsole of your shoes. This brawny brush ensures the stage is perfectly set prior to using the X Sneaker Cleaner.

Detail Cleaning and Shoelace Sneaker Brush (1)
Whether dancing on the sand or walking through town, dirt is bound to nestle its way into crevices and muck up those pretty laces. The X Detail Cleaning and Shoelace Sneaker Brush is made with dusty lands in mind. This hardwood handled brush features stiff, yet gentle nylon bristles to get into those hard-to reach areas with ease.

Suede and Nubuck Eraser (1)
Made of dense melamine foam, this tool is the go-to for the trickiest spots and stains on delicate materials. Simply rub it over trouble spots and watch as blemishes disappear. Style gone flat? Rub the eraser lightly over the surface of shoes to revive the nap, bringing them back to life!

Ultrasoft Microfiber Sneaker Cloth (2)
This shoe cloth is so soft that you'll second guess using it to do a dirty job like cleaning your sneakers. Trust us; you want to use this for your kicks. A fine weave and soft material ensure that all dirt, grime, and cleaning solution is completely removed from the shoe surface. It's certainly the exclamation point of this kit.

Zippered Canvas Supply Bag (1)
Keep your sneaker care tools and solutions together with this convenient carrying bag. This resilient canvas bag is equipped with a heavy-duty zipper to endure zips and unzips for the long haul and a nylon interior lining ensures durability. A nifty handle loop and a large interior compartment makes this the best way to store and transport your sneaker care goods.

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